First, I would like to thank you for visiting this blog and your devotion to the truth of the gospel. As the bible says, study to show yourself approved, and that is the goal of this site.

There are a few main intentions I would like everyone to be aware of as they visit this blog.

The Gospel: Most of the first posts will focus strictly on the gospel answering the most important questions everyone should ask and have solid biblical answers to: “How does salvation work?”, “How do we know we are saved?”, “How do we lead others to salvation?”

Bible Study: Most posts will be in the format of a bible study with comentary pointing to other verses and/or itemizing truths in scripture and bringing them up to be noticed. It is not intended to be another blog of spiritual opinions. All thoughts should be pulled from scripture (and if that starts to change, please comment or message to bring us back on track)

Iron Sharpening: Every post is intended to start a conversation. The real gems will hopefully be found in the conversations started in the comments. If you disagree, if you agree, if you aren’t sure, please post in the comments so as a group we can move further in revelation of the word of God and as a group we can work through some hard questions as we grow in “one mind and one accord”. All comments should be bible based and confirmed by scriptures. Please, no opinions that are not accompanied with scripture. We need the truth of God and often times we can be convinced of things that are unbiblical.

Have Questions?: If you have any questions, please use any source of contact you can find on here to ask and we (the body of Christ) will be thrilled to help.

Testimonies: For your encouragement we will also be sharing the testimonies of others to help strengthen your faith. Names will not be included in these testimonies as they are not to bring attention to the person, but to the power of God that is effective in all of our lives. If you have a testimony you would like to share, please message us. The amount of testimonies will be restrictive to keep continuity of the site so please don’t be upset if yours doesn’t come up for a while.

Thanks for reading, let’s grow together in revelation who God is and who we are in Christ.